Welcome to the site of Bert Knispel

Are you interested in my work or would you like to know more about a particular painting or  have a better and closer look if possible? Please contact info@bertknispel.nl 
However, because I often participate in all kinds of other exhibitions, some of my work could be in loan and elsewhere. For more information look at upcoming exhibits under the button exhibitions.

A little bit more about myself

I was born in Amsterdam and started drawing and painting at an early age. As a creative director I started my own advertising agency. Due to my great interest in art and culture and a creation of numerous paintings, I developed my own style. I’m primarily a fine painter. I love every inch of my canvasses and panels and strive to capture the smallest detail as meticulously as possible while maintaining the spontaneity in the painting. I hope to achieve this with my brushwork in which one will recognize the individuality of my work.  Composition, surface and incidence of light, play an important role. I’m also seeking to bring emotion into my work or let a simple idea play a leading role in the creative process.

Art giclees

You can order art gicleeprints of my work at info@bertknispel.nl